Welcome to the morning of the hack. Three hacks greeted us on Friday morning.

1) Big paper airplanes in Lobby 10.

2) CalTech’s fake newspaper! A bunch of graduate students from CalTech put together a very accurate replica of MIT’s newspaper, “The Tech”, but used it to make fun of MIT. They flew in from California and distributed it all over campus, they had thousands of copies. It was basically two jokes spread over the entire newspaper: bad weather and ugly buildings. My favorite part of it had to be the comics, because one became our official comic of CPW.

The math comic dictated how we greeted each other from then on. You go up to somebody and say math. They reply with math. You lol. Beautiful poetry.

3) Medical Center Hack. Somebody turned the three round windows in the medical center into a giant stoplight.

Hacks, they make MIT awesome!

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Margot said...

Aw, I'm so jealous! I want to get into MIT so bad, but unfortunatly, it's too far away. But anyway, I'm really enjoying your blog!