We’d been to Simmons several times before, but we decided we needed an official tour. It was a very interesting tour, but I kept getting distracted in the various rooms and got separated from the tour guide a bunch, which I think made her kind of angry, but she got over it and I got some good pictures.

Simmons has a unique design that leads to some interesting interior structures. Look down any hallway and you’re bound to see some type of strange protrusion, like this one:

It also has a bunch of spiral stair cases that link “lounges” (small rooms with some benches and tables, oftentimes a kitchen). Here’s one of those staircases:

And here’s a picture of one of the lounges.

It’s dark, sorry, but it’s the only picture I’ve got. Simmons also has a zen garden, featuring a ying-yang pool. The ying is water and the yang is gravel. Simmons also has this strange fascination with rubber ducks. Some were present in the ying-yang pool.

That pretty much summed up the Simmons tour, and since I’ve already spoken about Simmons a bunch before I’ll leave it at that. After we wrapped up our tour we were, again, out of things to do and quite tired, so we headed back to Burton-Conner to relax. We met Laura there and she showed us the Burton-Conner i3 video, several weeks before we were due to get it in the mail.

It was kind of cool to get sneak preview of the video before any of the other prefrosh, here’s the video we saw:

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After just chatting and hanging out, Sam mentioned that we needed to go back over to East Campus to see something explode. Psh, ok, sounds good to me!

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