Midnight Meanderings of the “Fab Five”

At this point there are 9 people in our group:

1) Me
2) Michelle
3) Sara
4) Jon
5) Yuki
6) Alie
7) Dan
8) Harrison
9) Hank

I haven’t introduced Alie or Harrison yet because I kind of forgot when we met them, but irregardless, they were in the group now. So why did we name our group the Fab Five? My fault, I guess. Earlier, at the Frat BBQ somebody asked me what time it was and I said that it was five till. Somebody else looked at their watch and said “Actually, it’s 8 till.” I argued that it was the same thing, but they disagreed.

“Look, 8 rounds down to five, it’s not complicated. It’s Snively math.”

It kind of became a joke at that point that 8 always rounded down to five and that I sucked at math. The thought behind the Fab Five is that 9 rounds to 8 and eight obviously rounds down to five, so there are five of us.

As I said, we met in Killian Court and decided to wander around for a while since there was nothing scheduled to do. Sara was tired and wanted to go back to her room, and she was staying across the river, so we all walked her home. On the way, Yuki demonstrated his ninja prowesses again.

We took a quick tour of Fenway House, where Sara was staying, and of particular note was the tile in the basement that looked like PacMan.

We checked the schedule and saw that a frat party was happening near by, so we decided to go check it out. Ha, that turned out to be an interesting experience.

We found the frat and could hear the music from outside and see lights flashing on the second floor. We walked in and there was nobody at the door greeting, so we just wandered upstairs. About half way up the stairs we were overcome with the smell of liquor. CPW is supposed to be completely dry, absolutely no alcohol at all, anywhere, on pain of death/suspension. We got to the top of the stairs and realized a couple of things. The first was that we were the only prefrosh in the frat, the rest were upperclassmen. The second is that there was liquor EVERYWHERE, bottles sitting around, and glasses sitting around. The third was the topless girl dancing across the room. The fourth thing we noticed was that we were stuck to the floor. The floor was so sticky from spilled drinks that our feet were literally stuck to the floor. We all stood there for a bit, feeling very awkward, and looking around. After about 20 seconds we came to a concensus: abandon frat! We all peeled our feet up off the floor, taking some of the flooring with us, and went back downstairs and outside. Our first frat party, lovely.

On the walk back to Cambridge two events of note happened.

1) We saw a bike that got completely pwnd. It was locked up, but everything that wasn’t locked got stolen.

2) Walking across the Harvard Bridge, Yuki realized that he had to go to the bathroom. What did he do? He ran across the street so as not to pee into the wind, and went to the bathroom off the edge of the bridge. Very classy. Yeah, we got into MIT, what now!?

Continuing our trek we stumbled upon a minor hack across the street from the great dome. They were doing construction on the sidewalks and therefor had piles of bricks laying around. Somebody had taken the bricks and spelled out IHTFP, MIT’s unofficial slogan.

We went back into the school and wandered down the infinite corridor and stumbled upon the door to the admissions office.

We decided to leave the admissions committee a note to express our gratitude. Here’s Hank signing it:

Next, as we were wandering down the hall, we found one of the coolest drinking fountains ever! Oh, quick note, Sara calls drinking fountains bubblers. We make fun of her for it. She said it’s a Boston thing, but we asked other Boston people and they call them drinking fountains. It’s a Sara thing. That being said, we found a reall cool one! It had some kind of blue light behind it that was moving around. Here’s a video:

At this point we were out of things to do, and the next Firehose class didn’t start for a while, so we went into some kind of cool green lounge off the infinite corridor and chatted for a bit. We were all REALLY tired, but Jon and I refused to sleep, and the rest were holding on.

Oh, and this guy has an unfortunate middle name:

At this point Michelle decided to go back to her hotel so we walked her home. The rest of the group decided to sleep as well, except for Jon, Hank, and me. We decided to go to the next Firehose Class.

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