Pre-Frosh Meeting and Party

The meeting in the Rockwell Cage was really fun! Remember all those empty chairs from earlier? Well, look at them now.

It was packed! Soon enough, Marilee Jones, the dean of Admissions, came on stage and welcomed all of us. She then introduced some of the admissions bloggers, who are basically celebrities. The guys in our group decided to chant for Ben Jones, so when she introduced him we all jumped up and started screaming/chanting “BEN BEN BEN BEN BEN!” We got looks, but it was fun. Next up after Marilee was a Stomp group, very cool, and then a small choir enemble called the Logarhythms. They were also very good, lots of cheering. That was the jist of the meeting, just saying hi and showing us some cool music groups. We broke into groups by row and went into the other gym to sit in circles and play “meet other people” games. Turns out that there was another guy from Oregon in mine and Michelle’s circle, what are the odds?! After our meeting games we were shuttled to the ice arena that I talked about earlier, the one that was all concrete. There was an activities fair going on there, it was intense!

The first thing that happened was the MIT marching band coming in.

Now here’s something really interesting about the marching band. As small as they may be, they sound like an ensemble! They sound very very good! I’ll be in the band next year, any reservations I had are gone.

The next thing I saw was 2x4 Jenga, which I did really well at actually. I didn’t cause the collapse in the picture.

Then there was giant twister

Now, as fun as giant twister is, it’s much more fun when a giant green ball appears and you can throw it at people.

I’m not sure where it came from, but I loved that big green ball. I was an assassin! Plus, it worked great as a signal flare. We lost Yuki to some other part of the arena, so in order to find him we called him and told him to look for the giant green ball. Then we threw it really high into the air. Boom, instant signal flare.

There were other activities, but we decided to leave, none were as interesting as Twister or Jenga.

BUT WAIT! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

I never actually ate any, believe it or not, but it was very cool and everybody else seemed to enjoy it a lot. I mostly just liked the fog that was everywhere.

Ok, now we left, after seeing the ice cream. It’s late by this point, about 10:40 pm, and there’s something called a “Firehose Class” starting at 11:00. We decided to check it out.

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Sammy said...

could you show more big green ball pictures on how you finded yuki if that is correct.