Welcome to CPW 2007!

Hello, my name is Michael Snively. When I went to MIT's Campus Preview Weekend this year it was my goal to record as much of it as I could, and for a couple of reasons. First off, I wanted to share it with everybody that couldn't make it. Second, I know that I was desperate for MIT information last year when I was applying so this should make some uber obsessed people like me happy! Third, I love blogging, and this was a huge event, so I had to blog it.

I took over 384 pictures and 30 videos of CPW and have posted them all online here.

I recommend not just looking at the pictures, but instead reading this blog and hearing the stories that go with the pictures, it's just so much more interesting that way!

A couple of tips for reading this blog.

1) It's long, so please don't feel pressured to read the whole thing in one sitting!
2) Click any picture to make it bigger. The resolution is much better on the bigger pictures.
3) Watch the videos! Some of them are dumb, some of them are quite cool.
4) Use fast internet!
5) Enjoy!