Getting Back Home

Sara walked me to my dorm so I could get my suitcase and all of my stuff. It was 2 in the morning and I had to take a cab over to my mom’s hotel in Boston. The plan was for me to stay the night there and then catch our flight early Sunday. I had the front desk call the cab and I went outside to wait for it. It took a while for it to get there so I took that opportunity to make a movie with my camera. What of? Well, have you ever heard of the Simmons LED display? Essentially, some kids in Simmons put a bright blue LED in each of 36 windows and hooked a computer up to them. They can then scroll messages through the windows for people across the campus to see. I was on the other side of the sports fields that are immediately adjacent to Simmons when I made this movie. I looked online for a really long time before going to CPW, looking for a video of the LED display and couldn’t find one. That’s my basis for the following claim:

This is the only video of the Simmons LED display that you will see on the internet.

There, I said it, I just claimed to have an exclusive on the internet, which is a bit like declaring yourself to be the Maharajah of some yet-to-be-discovered civilization. Without further adieu the video.

“Welcome to MIT – Enjoy Your Weekend”

I hopped into my cab, got to the hotel room, and crashed. It was the first time I’d gotten to sleep in a bed since I’d arrived in Boston, days earlier.

The next morning we caught a cab, took a couple of trains, and ended up at the airport. We got in line, if you can call it that. There were only 4 people in it, my mom, me, some girl, and her mom. The line for the other airline, however, was quite long. “Quite” isn’t the appropriate adjective, how about “Massively big-like?” How big? Well, here’s our line:

And here’s the other line:

Eventually we got our tickets and boarded the plane. We sat in the very back, next to the bathroom (gross) and next to me sat a little girl. She was alone, flying to meet her mom somewhere. We did arts and crafts in the plane together, focusing mostly on paper snakes:

I made a couple of cut-out snakes (more like tear-out) and decided to play a joke. I went into the bathroom and planted them on the counter for unsuspecting bathroom-goers.

The flight attendants thought it was hilarious, believe it or not. Nobody else seemed to notice. Ah well, I thought it was funny!

We got back to Salem in due time and walked to our car. Keep in mind, it’s Sunday night, about 10:00 pm. We drove the hour home (11:00 now) and I went to bed. . .only to get up at 5:00 am for an early bird band rehearsal. No rest for the weary!

Thus concludes CPW. 4 days absolute insomniatic insanity and I had a blast. If and when you get accepted to MIT, take advantage of CPW, meet some friends, and have a good time. It’s one of the few times you won’t have homework or something nagging at you, a precious commodity at MIT.

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Anonymous said...

hey snively! you da man! great blog. i'm looking forward to the 2008 CPW. I had a question: were there any more events on Sunday? Just curious. cause you had to leave so early, did you miss out on any of the other events that day? or was it done already? thanks again!